BuddyPhones InFlight - Pink

The BuddyPhones InFlight features a patented 3-volume preference setting of 75, 85 and 94db for the perfect volume in any environment. Foldable, durable and the perfect sidekick on your next adventure!



Volume-Limiting: BuddyPhones use a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization.
Built Kid-Proof: Crafted from robust materials, BuddyPhones are made to bend, twist & withstand long days of use.
BuddyCable Audio Sharing: Our exclusive BuddyCables feature a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four cables to connect to the same device.
Safety First By Design: In addition to our patented, always on SafeAudio, all BuddyPhones are designed with your child’s safety in mind. We use the safest materials, design elements and components available.
Custom Stickers!: BuddyPhones come with fun stickers, both ready made in colorful designs as well as blank ones for kids to draw and color and design their own.
Responsibly Crafted: BuddyPhones meet the strictest safety, ethical and social standards in every aspect, from the material used to the factory that assembles the product.



What's Included?
• BuddyPhones InFlight Headphones
• BuddyCable audio sharing cord
• Soft Travel Bag
• Colorful Customizing Stickers
• Airplane Audio Adapter



• DRIVER UNIT: 30mm Neodyminum
• SENSITIVITY (1): 75 +/-3db @1mw 1khz
• SENSITIVITY (2): 85 +/-3dB @1mW 1khz
• SENSITIVITY (3): 94 +/-3db @1mw 1khz
• FREQUENCY: 20-20kHz
• CORD: 0.8m (Kids Size)
• PLUG: Gold Pated 3.5mm
• Weight: 109g
• Dimension: 170x150mm (Unfolded)
                     110x150mm (Folded)
• Accessories: Travel Bag and Airline Adapter.

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