BulbBotz Star Wars Yoda Clock (3.5 inch)

Details : 
Guidance is never far away with this BULBBOTZ Yoda alarm clock. He is experienced in training young Jedi and he will make sure you are never late for lessons! Keep this ultimate Jedi Master by your side and you will soon become one with the Force. His light up function will guide you to the light and make sure you never stray to the dark side! His immense wisdom shines through the back-lit LCD display and will direct you to the right path in your quest to become a Jedi. Use the force and wake up on time!


Additional Information :
• Alarm clock
• Snooze function
• Light up head and LCD display
• Stands at 3.5 inches tall
• Batteries included (2x AG13 / LR44)
• Time format: 12 hour
• Conforms with relevant EU and US safety standards

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