Bluetooth 5 & Waterproof & 4g weight with High quality sound.


「NT100 WATERPROOF TRUE WIRELESS STEREO EARPHONES」is a true wireless earphone combined high-quality sound and high usability suitable for a first time user. Original design that is easy to handle, water resistant rating of IPX7 and sweat resistance make NT100 to be an ideal ture wireless earphone for runners and athletes.

● Qualcomm® Soc chipset for Bluetooth5.
● IPX 7 water resistance rate + sweat resistance
   perfect for sports
● Easy pairing / automatic reconnection / Multi pairing.
● Corresponding to play / stop music / fast-forward /
   volume control.
● About 4 hr. continuous playtime / power saving
   functions / remaining battery reminder.
● High-speed rechargeable case adding 24 hours.
● Light weight body (only 4g) / buttons arranged for
● Small earphone deliver powerful sound.
● 3 color variations (Black / Green / White).



Waterproof + Sweat resistant suitable for variety
   of sports

The earphone has high water resistance level of IPX7 and sweat resistance by using the combination of structural waterproofing and sweat filter, suitable for outdoor activities and serious athlete purpose. Washable earphone can be wash with water*1 which keeps the earphones clean and comfortable for use all the time.


Combining Bluetooth®5 with our original antenna

We adopted the Qualcomm QCC3001 chip set which is excellent in sound quality and connection stability. Also combines excellent wireless performance and less noise.


Deliver powerful sound even with a small
   earphone body

From the integrated wireless earphone to the High-Resolution Audio earphone for pure audio we used all our own knowhow and applied sound tuning to produce powerful and quality sound with a small wireless earphone body.


Charge on the go
With up to four hours battery life from one charge, you can get an additional 6 recharges from the charging case. Always keep your earphones charged and ready for music for about 28 hours. During playback the indicator LED turns off to save power. While the music is stopped or in standby state the LED flash to remind you to switch it off.


Light body weight 4g
Ultra lightweight earphones only weight 4g on one side, user will not get tired even when wearing for a long time. Earphone comes with an ear hook that prevents falling when you are moving.


Portable charging case
The portable charging case is made from stylish leather, equipped with a lock mechanism to prevent an accidently open of the case. Also magnetic attraction is applied to prevent the drop out of the earphones. The case goes with a handy strap for carrying.


Controlling Smart Phone
The buttons on the left side of the earphone are capable for controlling the playlist of your smart phone/receiving calls/refusing/ending, and starting up voice commands*2 • Buttons on the right side allows you to adjust the volume. The master earphone is equipped with high sensitive microphone for speaking and inputting voice commands.


Original design combined with nice appearance
   and usability

The left and right are easy to be notify by placing the logo horizontally on wearing and storage in the case. The uneven design of the side makes the earphone easy to be picking out from the case even without the ear loop. The earphone is paint in two tones, even a person who has a small ear will looks smart and compact.


*1 Wash by tap water only. After washing please be sure to dry out the earphone before putting back into the case.
*2 Part of the digital audio player other than smartphone, the remote control function may not operate correctly.



● Weight : 4g (Earphone) / 60g (Recharging case)
● Driver : Dynamic type single φ6mm
● Frequency Response : 20-20,000Hz
● Microphone : Omni-directional / with cVc noise
   canceling installed
● Bluetooth Version : Version 5.0 / Class 2 / Multi-
   pairing (8)
● Bluetooth Profile : A2DP,HFP,HSP,AVRCP
● Corresponding Codec : AAC/SBC
● Battery : Lithium Polymer Battery
● Music playback : 4 hr (24 hr. Charging case provides
● Talk Time : 5 hr
● Charging Time : 1.5 hr
● Waterproof Level : IPX7
● Color : Black / Green / White

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