NuForce - Optoma

HEM1 - Black

Knowles™ Balanced Armature Drivers for an immersive performance

A growing population and increasing time of listening to streaming music from mobile devices have made a pair of comfortable earphones with high cost–performance ratio of great importance. NuForce rolls out HEM1, an entry-level in-ear monitor to meet the need. Using Knowles™‘s full-range balanced armature driver and vibration-free Lexan™ enclosures, HEM1 offers a Hi-Res Audio performance as well as a comfortable and sealed fit for ear canals.


Features :
Using Knowles™‘s full-range balanced armature
   driver which demonstrates output to 40kHz
   necessary to achieve Hi-Res Audio performance.
 Snail-shaped enclosures made of Lexan™, a
   proprietary robust thermoplastic polymer resin which
   reduces vibration and audio coloration.
 The shell was colored by vacuum evaporation. The
   translucent upper shell allows seeing the mechanical
   structure inside.
 Offering a comfortable and sealed fit for ear canals.
 Replaceable 2-pin OFC earphone cable.
 The earphone cable features balanced separate
   ground return.
 A proprietary mix of silver, copper and Kevkar
   bulletproof fiber.
 Bi-wiring design allows tangle-free handling and
   stethoscope effect reduction.
 Additional silicone ear tips provide great noise-
   isolation and a comfortable listening experience.


Specifications :
● Driver type : Knowles™Hi-Res Balanced Armature
● Number of drivers : 1 driver
● Max. sound input level : 113dB
● Impedance : 24.1Ω
● Max. Input power : 2mW
● Frequency response : 20Hz - 40KHz
● Sensitivity/1mW : 98.77dB
● Cable Length : 1380mm (OFC)
● Weight (without cable) : 4g


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