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IcoSoKu Original

Matching dots to numbers! IcoSoKu is a brilliant Brainteaser with literally thousands of challenges. Place the number buttons randomly, then match the dots to the num- bers. to create a new challenge simply swop a few number buttons and you have a new challenge to solve! endless hours of fun! Remember: there’s always a solution! IcoSoKu can be completed correctly every single time. It’s amazing!



Math, Logic, Strategy


How to play
1.Remove all 20 tiles and place the yellow pegs
   anywhere on the ball.
2.Snap the white tiles on the ball around the yellow
   pegs so that the sum of the dots around a peg
   equals the number shown.
3.Icosoku can be solved regardless of how the yellow
   pegs are arranged. Just reposition to play again.

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