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Adopt Nuarl original dynamic driver "NUARL Driver N6": The original dynamic full range driver NUARL N6 has adopted neodymium magnet and titanium alloy evaporation diaphragm which have the strongest grade of magnetic flux density. Play excellent response with smooth change of sound and rich sound from low to high range. The heat demagnetization of the neodymium magnet prevented and stable sound quality by making the magnetic circuit an external magnet type excellent in heat dissipation.

High durability straight gold plated connector: By using a straight gold plated 3-pole connector, disconnection due to vibration is prevented. It is an ideal choice for the use of digital audio players.

Adopt HDSS® for high quality sound: NX30A adopted patented technology HDSS by TBI Audio Systems LLC. The ETL acoustic module installed inside would hold down noises, to provide clear sound. This could prevent the in-of-head sound localization caused by in-ear earphone, recreating natural sound field. Recommend to those who love the spread of sound and realism of the music.

Nuarl is particular about the details of the sound by adopt metal housing: The housing of NX30A reproduces a bright and refreshing sound by using high ratio of copper which is similar to wind instruments.

To reproduce purer sound: NX30A uses oxygen-free copper wire with a composite coating which suppresses touch noise.

Appointed "YOSHIHIRO MIKAMI" as product designer: The shape of the earphone is based on the curved curve of wind instruments. The metal body shows the bright, shocking, domineering characteristics of wind instruments, and the curved arc gives it delicate and lyrical colors.





Driver: φ6mm Hi-Res Dynamic type full range driver “NUARL Driver N6” (with HDSS)

Impedance: 16Ω

Sensitivity: 95±3dB/1mW

Max input power: 5mW

Frequency range: 10~40,000Hz

Cable: 120 cm silver plated oxygen-free copper wire twisted pair cable

Plug: φ3.5mm straight type gilding three-prong mini plug

Weight: 19g



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